We offer ATM solutions for special events of all sizes. 

We have the experience of serving a variety of events and venues such as local street fairs, concerts, festivals and more. 


We can provide your special event with as many ATMs as needed in order to properly cover the event. Depending on size of the event, we can also position ATM technicians' on-site to monitor and to ensure that each ATM is operational at all times.

For more information on ATM event planning, please feel free to contact us and provide event details such as dates, times, location, size, and number of ATMs requested.


Special Event ATM Quick Facts


  • 80+% of money dispensed from the mobile ATM is spent at the actual event.
  • Vendors unable to accept credit cards will now see increased sales with a ATM on site.
  • ATM rentals are set up and maintained at no cost to you.
  • ATMs are set up, loaded with cash, monitored and removed by our staff.
  • ATM machines can be placed anywhere at your special event.
  • ATMs are monitored remotely to ensure cash levels do not run empty during the event.
  • ATMs are ADA compliant and we offer "EMV" fraud prevention (chip n pin) technology.
  • We handle every aspect of the process, from set up to breakdown.


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